Oaxaca resists!

Bradley Ronald Will, a young cameraman and journalist from Indymedia, was killed yesterday by paramilitaries at the service of Oxaca’s governor Ulises Ruíz, who enjoys the steady support of president Vicente Fox. Another political crime for which both Ruíz and Fox should pay.

Fox has vowed to “resolve” the popular movement in Oaxaca led by the Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca in order to leave a clean slate for the inauguration of the spurious president elect Felipe Calderón. And these provocations and crimes may be the preparation for a final coup to be delivered by the infamous Federal Preventive Police (PFP), whose members are arriving in mass in Oaxaca.

The PFP is the repressive corps that Vicente Fox and Carlos Abascal (the interior minister) launched against the miners and steeler workers in Sicartsa, Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán (with the consent, if not active cooperation of PRD’s Michoacán governor, Lázaro Cárdenas Batel) and against the popular uprising in San Salvador Atenco.

The images linked below were the last captured by Bradley R. Will’s camera: http://video.indymedia.org/download/%5BIndymedia%5D_(2006-10-29)_Infamia-contra-Bradley_ataqueArmado-en-SantaLucia-del-Camino__Oaxaca–27oct06.mp4


4 Responses to “Oaxaca”

  1. dios Says:

    This is fake information, the journalist was really killed by the APPO, you can see the video, when is shotted!
    say the truth!!!

  2. Lolita Says:

    if you don’t know what is really happening, do not post lies!!! get yourself informed… APPO was the one who killed the journalist, and APPO is well known to be linked to AMLO Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. So stop posting lies.

  3. panchovilla Says:

    dios and Lolita, two different nicknames and one true poster?

    Their (his?) adamant denial in the face of facts reminds me of an old tale by Calleja. Unfortunately I may not remember the details well. In any case, it’s about a group of pranksters who conspire to persuade the credulous fellow in town that what he’s carrying in his own hands and before his very eyes is not a chicken, but a dog.

    So everybody on the street keeps telling him, “nice dog!,” “what a lovely dog you have there,” etc. — until the poor guy starts to secondguess his own senses. He winds up saying: “Gosh, it’s true, this is a very nice *dog* indeed!”

    Well, dios/Lolita, click on the link above. That is the video by Brad Will himself! What do you see in that video? Who is shooting bullets in Brad Will’s direction? Ulises Ruíz’s death squads! Who tried to rush him to the Red Cross when wounded? The APPO! People have eyes to distinguish chickens from dogs, you know. And since when (alleged or actual) links to López Obrador disqualify the APPO or any social movement or organization? Get a grip.

  4. Seth de l'Isle Says:

    I thought you might be interested in this analysis of the election results; it was very recently mentioned on his son’s weblog (his son, Miguel de Icaza, is a free software luminary), so I thought you might not have seen it yet:


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